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Fitted Offices: Commercial premises furnished and ready for business use.

What Are Fitted Offices?

Who Uses Fitted Offices? 

Why Use Fitted Offices?





Fitted offices can be used as permanent offices, overflow space or branch offices. They are particularly attractive to companies looking for inexpensive office options within the prime CBD area, and our clients include:


Start-up or entrepreneurial companies who benefit from a low-cost office space option in a highly central location close to their key clients, without having to incur the large cost of renovating office space.


RapRapidly growing companies who gain the option of upgrading office space to fit their needs without being locked into prohibitive long-term leases.


Project teams who do not have space in their current location and need stable office space on a temporary basis for 12 months or more.


CoCCompanies headquartered overseas but who need a place of presence for their operations in Singapore but want to maintain low initial operating costs.


-     Key selling points

-     - Ready-to-use offices in prime CBD

-     - Furnished and equipped for rapid setup

-     - Flexibility to add phone or internet lines to fit client requirements

-     - No hidden extra costs

-     - Uniquely catered for small to medium sized firms

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